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(CH) DERI NR - Systematic Event Recording and Event Database

DERI NR - Systematic Event Recording and Event database at SBB

Project duration: since 2009

The aim of DERI NR is the identification of vulnerable parts of the railway infrastructure by assessing past extreme weather events and compiling a searchable central event database. Past and current extreme weather events are documented and systematically evaluated by expert teams. The output of the assessment is visualized in a GIS.

The core part of the system is the central event database where all relevant current extreme weather events are being recorded. Gradually, historic event data are being integrated into the database. The recording process follows a 2-step approach:

• Registration of key data of an event & submission to specialist

• Full documentation by a specialist and evaluation

After evaluation of an entry the data from DERI NR are taken over into the GIS of SBB.

This system allows

• Queries about ice falls and avalanches at the Gotthard line

• Comparison with previous recordings in the area

• Use of natural hazard maps modelled by SILVAPROTECT (Bafu).


Link: www.sogi.ch/fileadmin/redakteure/download/berichte2/SBB_SFF2009.pdf

Contact: Andreas Meier, Fachspezialist Zustandsdaten, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB, Infrastruktur Anlagen & Technologie, andreas.meier@sbb.ch

(A) Event Database (incidents and damage)

Coming soon